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We immediately engaged outside counsel to conduct a thorough investigation of our grassroots and college basketball programs. government investigation, we cannot provide more details at this time. NCAA violations can cause universities to incur fines and other penalties, including the loss of postseason tournament eligibility.

University spokesmen did not respond to requests for comment.'The NCAA for years has blurred the lines between right and wrong and has legislated its own self-serving form of justice,' said Haney.

'It really doesn't make sense.'The debate on amateurism in America primarily focuses on college football and basketball because both are multi-billion industries.

But in spite of their obvious value to a prosperous enterprise, Division I college athletes are banned by the NCAA from making money off of sports or selling their image or likeness.

Two familiar schemes are being investigated: One in which recruits and their families allegedly received bribes in exchange for commitments to specific universities, and another in which player advisers were supposedly paid to persuade the athletes to sign with certain managers, agents, and financial advisers.

It's the consequences – specifically prison time – that are the real revelation.

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