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The most recent example of such a judgment that was less than obvious was in 1980-1982, when the Committee determined that the contraction that began in 1981 was not a continuation of the one that began in 1980, but rather a separate full recession.The Committee does not have a fixed definition of economic activity.It examines and compares the behavior of various measures of broad activity: real GDP measured on the product and income sides, economy-wide employment, and real income.The Committee also may consider indicators that do not cover the entire economy, such as real sales and the Federal Reserve's index of industrial production (IP).Except for infant formula, dates are not an indicator of the product’s safety and are not required by Federal law.[Top of Page] How do Manufacturers Determine Quality Dates?In both recessions and expansions, brief reversals in economic activity may occur-a recession may include a short period of expansion followed by further decline; an expansion may include a short period of contraction followed by further growth.

Manufacturers provide dating to help consumers and retailers decide when food is of best quality.

To comply, a calendar date must express both the month and day of the month.

In the case of shelf-stable and frozen products, the year must also be displayed.

"Prosecuting attorney" means the attorney, determined as provided in this title, who represents the state in a district or statutory county court in the county in which venue of the application for a protective order is proper.

When you were a teen, your parents may have had “The Talk” with you—that awkward discussion about the birds and the bees. ), and now that you’re dating, you might feel the need for a significant talk of a different kind: The Define the Relationship conversation.

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    In order to be diagnosed with psychotic depression, a person must first meet the criteria set forth in the In addition, the person must exhibit signs of psychosis, such as hallucinations and delusions.