Updating rails 2 2

Make sure you have a decent suite of tests and they are all passing before you start with the upgrade.

Your app might run fine despite these warnings, but fixing them now would save you a lot of time during the next upgrade.

At any rate, following the upgrade guide and taking a look at the CHANGELOGs should be sufficient, although if you’re interested in seeing what’s currently happening, you can follow the day-to-day changes that are introduced in Rails.

From the upgrade guide (still somewhat incomplete), we learn that some of the changes in Rails 5 are: After familiarizing ourselves a bit with the above (in the article we skip the look through the CHANGELOGs part), we can move on to upgrading an application.

In this post, we’re going to upgrade a Rails 4.2.5 application to Rails 5.0.0.beta1.1.

If we didn’t already have that version, we would have to first upgrade to Rails 4.2.5 and clean up the possible warnings generated before continuing.

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