Updating navionics cards

10Hz Output Rate ensures your chart orientation and boat heading is accurate with reality.

Premium Heading Accuracy at low speeds and even when bow is pitching, rolling or heeling over.

One of theses decals may have been affixed to the record card in your MFD reference manual by the Certified Raymarine Installer.

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The PG-700 Integrated NMEA 2000 Heading Sensor is a rate compensated heading sensor that incorporates innovative electromagnetic compass technology for highly accurate and stable readouts of your ship's heading.

The Mac version of the software is a simple Win Zip file.

Use your own Stuff-It Expander software to open and extract the software file.

If you have not already registered your Raymarine products online, you will be prompted to do so before you will be permitted to download software upgrades.

To register your product, you will need to know your MFD's serial number which can be found on the rear of the MFD, on the UPC code on the end of the original box your MFD came in, or under the UPC code on the product registration decal that came with your MFD.

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