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We hit the clubs, I went to the gym, walked around every day.I saw one genuinely beautiful girl in that whole time.The only downside with Odessa being tons of Italian tourists which makes the girls slightly less receptive to foreigners.Also to note – Ukranians are going to be a little racist generally to black and Asian guys.The girls are very approachable, very honest, straightforward, and like a guy who is normal and dresses well. They will not play games, cancel dates, or be flakey.Moscow isn’t overrun with foreigners, so you are pretty exotic and exciting.

A few years back, we did a company trip there, and I spent two months in Argentina, 6 weeks in BA and a couple of weeks touring around.I’ve been there ten times or so and the women are stunning.On the plus side, the high end night clubs will have lots of incredible women.The majority of women were short, overweight, not facially pretty… Rio is a beautiful city and I have spent 6 months there in total.and wouldn’t correspond to any accepted “type” of beauty. I really love it, the food is great, the people are the friendliest in the world, and its a great place to spend time. Some guys will love the Brazilian women, others won’t. They do have very pretty faces, but the thing that you might like, or not, is that they are bigger.

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