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A decade later, would rank Rocky Mount one of the ten most impoverished cities in America.Even so, the white side of the railroad tracks that ran through the city—the Nash County side—remained pleasant enough.He left for Los Angeles in the mid-'60s, came back in the mid-'90s, and was at pains to recognize his birthplace.The Rocky Mount he had remembered—lustrous with cotton fields and tobacco warehouses—had evaporated.The headline reads, police seek more clues in murder. Then the woman points to a large photograph propped against the wall of her modest home.Below her grandson's name and grinning face are the dates "October 15, 1997-November 15, 2008." A tornado had engulfed their house that November night while she and her husband and her murdered daughter Melody's son were all asleep.

The cabbie had been raised in Rocky Mount (population 57,010).But then he saw the hands raised above the small round skull, as if waving for help. Maggots and beetles dug into what was left of her leathery flesh.—had finally been answered. They asked her to swab her mother's mouth for DNA.After the tests came back indicating a 99.9 percent probability of kinship, the police showed Corneta the photographs taken out at Seven Bridges Road. Though there was almost nothing left of her sister, she still recognized Ernestine.Cofield, who knew the couple personally, said: 'It bothered me because growing up here I've seen train wrecks before, it really touches close to home with people who grew up with and know.'Around 120 passengers were on the train, but none were injured.Amtrak spokeswoman Kimberly Woods says no one about the southbound train was injured and service was suspended as law enforcement investigated the crash site some 70 miles east of Raleigh, the state capital.

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