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I dun like her to call me sir, so I just said, call me Christopher.

The chicken rice was ok for her, but lor mee was initially too sour for her, but after a few more tastings, she grew to slowly like it too…

Actually, is a very educated Filipina, but due to her large family, and low wages, she decided to come to Singapore to work… As I have to go elsewhere later, I had to send has very beautiful skin, and a natural glow on her lips, that make people mistook that she had applied lipstick…

I had noticed this before, but I never raised this up…

She smiled at me while she ate, and turned her head away…

The feeling between and me wasn’t like maid and employer, but rather, boyfriend girlfriend.

Ever since I set my eyes on her, I think of her whenever my attention is not required elsewhere… So finally I can bring her out of the agency and towards the place I wish she and I can call home.

I think many of you think I am crazy why I would fall in love with a maid, but is those 1 in a million type of maid…

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I turned my head towards her, and saw that she had cried… — I stood there, feeling very emotional as tears flowed down ‘s left cheek, and used my thumb to intercept tears that were dripping down her face… And I use both of my hands to curl her hair behind her jumbo ears…She was delighted to find out I had made so much preparation for her.I asked her to unpack her clothes in her luggage, and to wash them 1st before putting in the cupboards, I know that the agency’s boarding house isn’t the most hygienic of places.So I helped her to carry her luggage, while she carried her handbag… I drove her to the Mcdonald’s near my house, and ask her to change her into a t-shirt I had bought for her… That’s why this Maganda is like a fish out of water being a maid, and I am happy to have taken her away from that agency. And she was nice and gentle, saying her prayer, before laying out the food nicely for me…Deep down, I can sense that she was happy to see me, but was it because I am the employer or her ‘Special one’?? (You see, she was wearing the maid agency polo shirt when she left the agency.) She looked pretty in that cute care bear t-shirt, just like the way a super Maganda should look like, a cute little princess, a world away from the maid she once was. It’s a farce, because the food will eventually land up mix inside my stomach, but I really appreciated the way she cared for me, asking me about me… We are more like a high school sweetheart out on a Mcdonald’s meal, than an employer and maid… I passed a serviette to her, asking her to wipe her lips, just to see if she had applied lipstick to her pink-color lips… Ok, time for Maganda to go back to her little palace.

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