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If this happens to you, please report it at — click on Scams and Rip-Offs, then select Romance Scams. I know it feels good to be wanted, but try and go out and join a group where You do like minded things and get to know the people first.? Everything was going okay for a while and it was so believable that he actually wanted to be my boyfriend. Then he asked me for money in several ways on several different occasions and I would say no because I don't have money. Then I started paying attention to the details when I saw a story about a romance scam. Was tricked by someone online and showed his real pics!! He has sent flowers on several occasions and we talk daily.

Extreme gory violence not limited to decapitations, a throat slashing, stabbings, death by crushing and other graphic means.

A batch of each is prepared and served at the event where attendees get to vote for the winner.

This year's contenders (and creators, when names were available) are: Sriracha Peach Cobbler, vanilla ice cream, roasted peaches, sriracha and streusel crumble (from Alyssa Grishaber); Twin Peaks, rosemary and pine-infused sweet cream ice cream with lemon zest (Chloe, Mark and Sam Louden); WTF (What the Fudge), peanut butter base, marshmallow, fudge swirl and homemade toffee; Grammy Gram, honey vanilla ice cream, homemade graham cracker and cinnamon marshmallow swirl; Baked Honeycrisp Apple, cinnamon ice cream, roasted apples and granola (Miriam Alqaisi); Bourbon Butternutty, caramelized butternut squash ice cream with a bourbon pecan caramel swirl (Leah Shields); Olive "I Love You," vanilla bean ice cream, olive oil, lemon and sea salt (Stefanie La Febre); and Gingersnap Cardamom, cardamom-infused sweet cream ice cream with ginger molasses cookie dough (Rochelle Vaughan).

For the annual contest, the restaurant takes customer suggestions for new and unique flavors, which it narrows down to eight finalists.

Then Moo Creamery has just the thing at its ninth annual Flavor Awards on Sunday.

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