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When our spouses reveal their most private thoughts, some of us feel happy and fulfilled.On the other hand, when our spouses hide their feelings and thoughts from us, we become frustrated.It is not merely the need to feed, cloth or watch over the child to keep them safe; instead it is the responsibility for the development of the children, teaching them the values of cooperation and care for each other.It is the spending of quality time with your children. Harley’s 10 emotional factors, as introduced, above are very important to this study.

Overall, men still use the internet more than women, -- 52% vs.As with anything else which we consume in such magnitude, there are realistic impacts and effects, positively or negatively.In this paper, I would like to explore the negative affects the Internet have on us; specifically: Cyber Housewives Addicted to the Internet: Why & How it Negatively Affect Spousal Relationships in Web-Friendly American Households today.Now also consider that there are currently 27,000 web sites on the Internet, and this number is doubling every 53 days.Clearly, the Internet is consuming a vast quantity of women and housewives’ time in society today.

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    Lapham finished this pamphlet in July, 1867, and over the next several years, translations and revised editions appeared in German, Norwegian, French, Dutch, Swedish, and Welsh.

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