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In fashion as in life, Kristen Stewart has always challenged gender norms with her androgynous beauty – which makes her the perfect face of Chanel's new fragrance, Gabrielle, inspired by the legendary founder of the couture house.

But she is also very much her own woman, as independent-spirited when it comes to fame and feminism as she has been in facing down Donald Trump. And really, truly, believed in it and never felt confused or struggling. Some people know that they like grilled cheese and they'll eat it every day for the rest of their lives. If I have grilled cheese once I'm like, 'That was cool, what's next? So then there's this idea that you're beholden in some way, and I resent that.

You're a boy', or whatever, and I was so offended, horrified and embarrassed.

Now I look back on it and I'm like, 'Girl, be proud of that!

I'm really not introverted - I'm just not acting all the time, which is what it would take to look like how people expect famous people to behave.""Men cannot say bitch anymore, I'm sorry. Say, 'You're rude,' say, 'You're a dick,' whatever.

Just to say, 'Oh that bitch.' You can't say that because there's nothing I could say to you, there's no retort that would be equal to that, therefore it's demeaning and literally on par with... The catalyst for this is regrettable, obviously, it's shitty.

His scenes, however, were cut from the theatrical release.

The actress issued a public apology to Pattinson about her indiscretion, but the couple split after the incident.

In September 2014, Pattinson started dating singer FKA Twigs, a fellow Brit.

Read highlights from the interview below:"I've been deeply in love with everyone I've dated. I just didn't like getting made fun of.""Yeah, totally. And it comes across like I'm ungrateful or something but, actually, I just find it weird to talk to the general public as a whole.

Like, you can relate to a person, you can relate to an individual, but addressing the world at large is something that just perplexes me.""Completely.

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