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Relatively affordable, this is the same stuff that wooden roller coasters, like Coney Island's famous Cyclone, were made of.

Speaking of Coney Island, we can assume they followed the same wood "diet" for their boardwalk erected in the 1920s, though we don't know for sure.

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

n September 20, a police officer in Charlotte, North Carolina, shot and killed Keith Lamont Scott, a 43-year-old black man whom police said they had observed sitting in a parked car with a marijuana cigarette and a pistol.

In a 1934 book called "Trees You Want to Know," American botanist Donald Culross Peattie wrote that Atlantic White Cedar would "endure moisture indefinitely," and wood that weathered well was in demand; lots of folks began using it for fencing and roof shingles.

As it became popular, we started overlogging it, and soon it became both expensive and scarce.

And in a place with four seasons, the wood is subjected to brutally humid summers and freezing cold winters.

Never mind the amount of people traipsing over the thing; being located on the shore, it is subject to salt spray.Charlotte is a vibrant, growing, integrated metropolis, the very image of the “new South.” The officer involved was black, as was the police chief.The chief had in fact come to his post expressing skepticism about police treatment of blacks and had instituted innovative community-relations programs and training to address the problem of “implicit bias.”Nonetheless, within hours of the shooting, protestors bearing handmade signs saying “It was a book” filled the streets. Police cars, city buses, and private vehicles were smashed, as were office buildings and the city’s convention center. Ten young African-American men set upon a white man, robbing, beating, and stomping him—and landing him in the hospital.Technically not a cedar at all, but a cypress, the tree grew well in wet areas and was naturally rot-resistant.Ironically, these excellent properties are what made the wood an unsustainable choice.

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