Implications of socialising online dating

Shirley Sandford, 75, who divorced her husband of 35 years when she was in her early 60s, is even more emphatic about her intention to remain unattached: ‘I’d never marry again. ‘I love fashion, shopping, going to the theatre, socialising and dining out. Shirley and her husband had five children and she is now grandmother to 11 and has five great grandchildren.Like many mothers, she waited until all her children were independent before taking the decision to divorce.‘It took a lot of courage to leave my marriage,’ she says.

And as she grew out of her old, subservient role, her husband’s rancour festered.

It was as if all the fun had leached out of our marriage.’Sue and her ex-husband duly joined the only group of divorcees in Britain that is growing in number.

The UK is witnessing an unprecedented rise in divorces among the over-60s, or ‘silver separations’ as the phenomenon has been dubbed.

‘But people do change and couples are not recognising the signs and implications until it’s too late.

‘The husband has often been working really hard to provide for his family and he feels unappreciated when he reaches the end of his career to discover his wife has found a fresh sense of fulfilment and an identity separate from her old one as a wife and mum.

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