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Art: Sur/real Self-Portraits Want to create a personal souvenir of your week at ‘Camp’ Camp unlike any other?

Well, in this introspective class, you’ll explore the self using 2D mixed media, collage, and acrylic paint to create a self portrait which combines the real and the surreal, compositing your outer and inner selves and expressing them on canvas.

Learn how to make art prints or greeting cards using a relief block printing method where you can be as simple or detailed with the image and carving as you want. Art: Concrete Teddy Bears Join us in the Art Barn as we execute, disembowel, and dissect stuffed animals and fill their tiny carcasses with cement.

Get in touch with your inner Frankenstein and make a fun, adorably freakish ornament for your garden, home, or lawn Art: Figure Drawing Explore the magic of expressing yourself through drawing the human figure.

You’ll learn the oil painting process step by step, including the mixing of colors, underpainting, adding glazes, and scumbling.

We have a limited number of guitars available for group guitar lessons, so not having yours with you is no excuse – give it a try or refresh & improve your skills. Learn silver-smithing and create a gorgeous souvenir ring for you or a friend or even impress everyone with a drop-cast pendant that you design and make yourself!A perfect way to unleash that inner (Drag) King or Queen you’ve always known – or suspected – was inside you!Blacksmithing Come try your hand at Blacksmithing at our forge where you’ll learn the basics of forging hot metal, including bending, twisting, tapering, and scrollwork.Or you can simply choose to simply relax by the lake all week if you like.At ‘Camp’ Camp, your ‘best time ever’ is completely up to you!

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