Fired event itemupdating which

Repeaters give you full control but typing the HTML yourself but I'd like to see if I can use the features of the controls to do what I need to do before moving to the repeater.

Because then I have to code those extra features that the Grid View and Details View have that the repeater does not.

Jono Hello everyone, I'm back with an example that anyone should be able to try which shows the problem.

If you do the example without the Mode Changing event you get this error when you click the Edit button: "The Details View 'Details View1' fired event Mode Changing which wasn't handled." You don't need much ASP.

It is set in the Page_Load because it is retrieved from from data objects (NHibernate).

I'm not sure if just B was doing the same thing or not.

In that case, what happens is, again and again, the Event Receiver triggers as ends up with a bottle neck.

I have to click Edit and Cancel twice for them to do their action.

The first and second click are calling the Mode Changing method so I assume there is something wrong with my code and the same with just B's code.

But anyhow, our Item Updated event may not be executed more than few milli seconds.

Good day to Everyone, My challenge is, I have followed the documents and also a laracast video on how to set up events and listeners for Models.

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