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Psychosis is a condition in which a person begins to see and hear things that aren't really there (hallucinations) or experience false ideas about reality (delusions).

There may also be disorganized or disordered thinking.

While I don’t encourage, I do talk with him, yet past week he has started up the whole thing again about getting together, etc. After all that, “snore” but felt you needed background…here is my real question…do people ever get over these types of mental problems…I read the articles about being able to go on and lead productive lives, do they ever come to the understanding that their thoughts were incorrect? I’ve said I would take a lie detector test, but that if I passed it, would he accept the results?

I never get a direct answer which makes me think that he would just believe I conned the test administrator, etc.

Psychotic depression is usually treated in a hospital, using antidepressant and antipsychotic medications.

When depression symptoms are severe, electroconvulsive therapy may be used to bring about rapid relief.

He was in a mental facility for a week or so due to threats of suicide.

While in Dallas, he did use meth and cocaine, and when I refused to see him unless in front of a psychologist, the doctor warned me that his first impression was that he was BPD with psychosis.

It seems like a harsh position to take, but we’re talking about your safety here.

I am still in verbal contact with an ex boyfriend who began to have all sorts of delusions about me cheating on him, assisting friends to video him and even to know he is know on the internet because of me.

Due to the extreme anger (we had previous experiences where his anger was directed physically at me)combined with his fault thoughts I had to stop seeing him including the need for a protective order (threatened to kill me, kill other friends, etc) He moved back to his home in Chicago, (I live in Dallas) but kept calling me.

This theory would explain why not all people with depression develop psychosis.

Another theory is that high levels of the stress hormone cortisol could be involved.

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