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If the role of the main center matesina it a center of a significant administrative and commercial, have a very important town in the agricultural sector and the presence of many industries (Bojano are located in the headquarters of the giant agribusiness Arena, the construction industry Leca-Laterlite and the presence, outside the municipality but only a few kilometers, the industrial area Campobasso-Bojano.

Civita di Bojano In addition to the characteristic structure of the medieval village, there are sections of the fortifications of the early Middle Ages and the ruins of the Norman castle, both have been in quite degraded due dell'incuria.

The city and surroundings The town is distinguished into two distinct areas far enough but without solution of continuity: the old town, clinging on the slopes of Matese and Bojano new, built on the plain.

Along the route of Corso Umberto Tratturo Pescasseroli pass-Candela.

These recounts how, following a war between Umbrians and Sabini (people of Italian lineage, closely related to race and language) them, winning, promulgated a Ver Sacrum (Sacred Spring) (which is held annually in Bojano (CB) , the capital of Sannio, for several years) in honor of the god Mamerte (corresponding to the Latin Mars and Ares greek).

The following spring the fruits of the earth and native animals were offered to the god, while the children were sent, once grown, to colonize new lands led from the sacred to the god who had been consecrated, the ox, the head of the expedition was Como (or Comino) Castroni.

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