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Óscar David Fonseca Melício, President of the National Institute for Fisheries Development (INDP) of Cape Verde, welcomed the participants to Mindelo and was thanked by the Chairman of the SCRS, Dr. However, they all indicated that blue shark stock is above B MSY and that fishing mortality levels are still below F MSY.

ICCAT, 70(5): (2014) 2013 INTER-SESSIONAL MEETING OF THE SHARKS SPECIES GROUP (Mindelo, Cape Verde April 8 to 12, 2013) SUMMARY The Intersessional Meeting of the Sharks Species Group was held in Mindelo, Cape Verde, 8-12 April, The objective of the meeting was to develop the Special Research Programme on Sharks framed within the SCRS Science Strategic Plan foreseen for the period RÉSUMÉ La Réunion intersession du Groupe d'espèces sur les requins a eu lieu à Mindelo (Cap-Vert) du 8 au 12 avril L objectif de cette réunion consistait à élaborer le programme spécial de recherche sur les requins s'inscrivant dans le plan stratégique en matière de science du SCRS prévu pour la période RESUMEN La reunión intersesiones del Grupo de tiburones se celebró en Mindelo, Cabo Verde, del 8 al 12 de abril de El objetivo de la reunión era elaborar el Programa especial de investigación sobre tiburones enmarcado dentro del Plan estratégico de ciencia del SCRS previsto para el periodo Opening, adoption of Agenda and meeting arrangements Mr. The models resulted in different estimates of reference points and harvest quotas.

The List of Participants is included as Appendix 2. Changes could also be attributed to the market demand.

The List of Documents presented at the meeting is attached as Appendix 3. In the logbooks, there is information on landings not discards.

After opening the meeting, the Agenda was reviewed and adopted with minor changes (Appendix 1). The Group discussed whether the assumption that the changes in catches over the study time period were due to changes in selectivity or catchability.

Josu Santiago for hosting the meeting at the Institute. Paul de Bruyn, on behalf of the ICCAT Executive Secretary, then opened the meeting. Andrés Domingo, the Shark Species Group Rapporteur. Domingo welcomed Species Group participants and addressed the terms of reference for the meeting. Although accounting for a single change point in catchability had no significant impact on the status of this particular fish population, it provides a robust way of taking into account changes in catchability as result of changing fisheries dynamics, and can be implemented to model other fish stocks.

First, these changes are taken into account during the parameterization of generalized linear models used to compute the CPUE index standardization.

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SCRS/2013/042 identified that for the improvement of future stock assessment of shortfin mako (Isurus oxyrinchus) in the Atlantic Ocean, it is important to review biological parameters.

In SCRS/2013/045 it was noted that pelagic sharks are faced with complex movement decisions while residing in a relatively featureless and oligotrophic environment.

They are also a common by-catch in pelagic fisheries, raising concerns about over-harvesting.

The following participants served as Rapporteurs for various sections of the report: Section Rapporteurs 1 P. It was noted that according to the logbooks provided by the fishermen, there has been changes in targeting over time, but these are hard to quantify.

Despite the models introducing a single extra parameter, they resulted in an improved fit over the one-parameter catchability modelling approach.

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